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Partnership and Balance

Partnership & Balance

With Springs blooming so is our relationships

Spring is blooming with its rebirth of nature. This is the time of the year where we are inspired to treasure our lives and the people around us. We share the beautiful moments in the sun with our loved ones. At this time we are appreciating partnership and balance to sustain this positive atmosphere around us. With this in mind we highlight the numbers 2 and 8 alongside Amethyst and Clear Quartz. 

You might notice that this month you are motivated to rebalance and reconnect with your partner. April helps you create the space to align your values and needs, and better communicate them with the people you love. Use the energy of the Number 2 and Clear Quartz for guidance and Clarity. Number 2 carries a strong vibration of partnership and harmony, while the Clear Quartz helps with mentally clarity and. Having a Number 2 in your Number Chart will be especially powerful this month. 

For optimum balance we embrace the Number 8 with its energy of purposeful effort and reward. The Number 8 is the Number of justice, drive and determination, it helps you remember what is important to you and your life. Pair it with the Amethyst crystal that keep you calm and centered through the month. 

Shop now and embrace the power of these beautiful crystals and numbers to help you achieve balance, clarity, and harmony in your life. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Spring journey and bring positive energy into your life!

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Number ONE (Mar23

Number One


With the vibration of the Number 1 being especially prominent this month we are taking a moment to appreciate its powers. Having a Number one in your Number chart will boost your confidence and remind you to take charge of your own path. The number one carries the energy of new beginnings and movement helping you to clear your path and prioritize yourself. The number 1 energy can present itself in your life right now even without having it in your Number chart. If you are seeing the number in various places or feel the added confidence of leadership and independence, this is the Number one empowering you. With the Number one your strength and motivation increases and you feel like the world is such a difficult place, it helps you get a new perspective and motivates you to reach for the stars. 

We believe carrying the Number one this month is especially powerful because it reminds you all these qualities you have within yourself. We have carefully a collection of the Number one for you to style it and integrate it within your everyday style. See our collection of the Number one here.

What to know if your a number one?

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Citrin Quartz

Citrin Quartz

The embodiment of the suns´energy

With March being the lightbringer of the year we are highlighting the Citrine Quartz this month with its emphasis on joy, confidence and creativity. It carries the power of the sun and helps you succeed and recharges you. This will help you bring on the new season with positivity and new energy. Citrine is a healing quartz for balance and cleaning by heling you focus on yourself and your happiness.

March is the month of new possibilities and self love, combine it with the Citrine quartz and you will feel a powerful shift bringing you to wealth and prosperity and happiness. There is no room for negativity and harmful thinking around the citrine quartz. It energizes you with happiness and generosity and helps you manifest success in life. 

On a physical level Citrine stimulates digestion and the spleen. It detoxifies the blood and encourage blood circulation and healing the kidney and bladder. This stone is perfect for yourself or someone who is looking for an energy shift in their life and increased health and positivity. 

With this in mind we have our Citirne collection in both Pure silver and 18K gold coated rings. By always carrying this healing crystal with you you will be reminded of its powers and the shift in your energy. 

What better way to celebrate the lighter season with the stone of the sun?

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The Stone for Unconditional Love

Eleven Jewelry focuses on bringing you quality and premium jewelry with a personal connection. Each jewelry is created with meaning and intention to remind you who you are. We value each step of creating the jewelry and your experience of wearing it. Therefore we have a recognisable green hexagon tag on each piece to ensure you of the Eleven Jewelry quality and values. The hexagon is a recurring shape in our brand identity as it represents harmony and balance. It is often used as a symbol of awakening and a platform for your inner wisdom to translate to the outer world. Together with the emerald green color which stand for New beginnings, growth, abundance as well as harmony. This resonates with Eleven Jewelry´s passion and chosen destiny. 

Be sure to look for the tag when wearing your personalized jewelry and be reminded of Eleven Jewelry´s values and quality.

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