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Number 8

The Number 8

Strong work ethic, determination, and ability to achieve their goals.

Those who are associated with the number 8 are known for their strong work ethic, determination, and ability to achieve their goals. They are often leaders in their fields, using their natural talents and skills to create wealth and prosperity for themselves and those around them.

The Number 8 is about balance and harmony. Those who are connected with this number understand the importance of both material and spiritual abundance, and strive to achieve balance in all areas of their lives.

Having April as the month for Partnership and Balance, we are harnessing the power of the number 8, with its dedication and capability of balance and harmony this week. To be reminded of your confidence and greatness, the Number 8 will help you with where to start. You might want to focus on your own natural talents, skills and  your previous goals and achievements. You might also consider exploring your own spirituality, and finding ways to cultivate a sense of balance and harmony. After being a bit more centered, you could look at your surroundings and relationships and see if they reflect your inner values. 

No matter how you choose to approach it, the number 8 is a powerful force for abundance, prosperity, and success. This is the reminder we wish to give you by wearing the number.

To be reminded of your confidence and greatness, the Number 8 will help you with where to start

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Completion & Endings

Completion & Endings

February 2023 is all about finding closure and moving on. 

February is the month of completion and ending. It is still the beginning of the year and after spending January with a “New Year, New me” mindset we are now confronted with the difficulty of changing our old habits. This is the month of accepting and letting go, understanding that change is hard, but you will feel that energy of completion is strong and motivating you to evolve. 

This month we are highlighting the Number 9 and 11 as they have the strong energies and symbolizes Completion and Ending, the same as the theme of February. Number 9 carries the qualities of all the numbers with the added character of bringing things full circle. The Number 9 has the ability of starting and ending a pattern. Having this number in your Number Chart means it will guide you through the difficulty of changing an old habit and motivate you to renew yourself. The Master Number 11 represents spiritual awareness and transformation. The Number has a strong guiding energy which we are focusing on this month to help you find closure and create a new path. Embrace and enhance these qualities by carrying these Numbers with you and get a daily reminder of the changes you are experiencing this month.


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