Life Path Gard utkast

Your most powerful number is your Life Path Number. In your number chart you will have 5 different numbers.

Your life path number is


Positive characteristics of your number:






You can be perceived as:

Oversensitive, selfish, too discreet, aimless and bitter.

Your career paths:

Artist, therapist, health worker, world/social leader and educator.

What does it mean to have a life path number 9?

In numerology, with Life Path Number 9, you are destined to live an interesting and fulfilling life. You are sympathetic, spiritual, tolerant, and giving. Being a Number 9, you are capable of starting and ending a cycle. This means that with you there is always a clean slate and new beginnings as much as it is closing chapters. You are hard-working and always give your full attention to your job and the people around you. People come to you for guidance and help, because you seem to understand them on a deeper level. The reason for this is you having a higher level of awakening than most.

You prefer dynamic environments, where you can challenge yourself and grow. Living a life full of new opportunities, you are not afraid to start a new adventure. As sensitive to energies, you can easily get bored when people aren’t as eager on things than you are. Number 9’s have the characteristics of all the numbers in the Numerology Charts, and because of this you not only understand other people but you can actually take on their feelings as your own.

This is an amazing gift, but it can be hard for you to protect your own feelings and let go. When you enter a room, you immediately get a sense of the atmosphere. People open up to you easily and you manage to see the full picture to really help them. Career-wise you thrive in creative and artistic fields and caregiving fields such as working as a nurse and a psychologist.

By wearing your Number, you will be reminded of your Life Path Journey!

Known people with your number

Bob Marley, Adele, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Morgan Freeman, Whitney Houston

Get more of your number chart

The second most important number is your Expression Number. This number shows your natural strengths and characteristics. Knowing this number, you will understand yourself better. Do you take the challenge to fully discover who you really are?

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