Numerology is a profound and ancient belief which was further introduced by Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato. The essence is that everything in our universe is connected by vibrations, patterns and geometrical symbols. Each person has their combination of numbers which makes up their own genetic code. Number Chart has a significant meaning and will affect your life differently.

Life Path Number
Your journey in life

Expression Number Your
Strengths and characteristics

Soul Urge Number
Your deepest desires and need to feel fulfilled

Personality Number
The interpretation people have of you

Birthday Number
What you are naturally skilled at

What is
your number?

Life Path Number

This Number shows which path you are destined to take, who you are destined to become. It wi l l explain why you are presented with certain challenges and opportunities. By following the path that this number presents you wi l l feel harmony and l ike you are doing what is right for you. Because of the meaning of the Life Path Number it is seen as the most important number in your Number Chart.

Expression Number

This Number explains your strengths and characteristics. It will help you focus your energy and help you understand what might be challenging to you. This is Number helps you explain how you feel towards things and why some people can be more compatible to you.

Soul Urge Number

This is a vulnerable Number. It explains what your soul needs to grow, evolve and understood. What your soul needs might surprise you, but also feel logical once you dig deep. Your Soul Urge Number might present itself as what makes you feel safe, how you take care of yourself and practice true self love.

Personality Number

This is how you present yourself. Your Personality Number tells you what parts of your personality you naturally decide to show the world. You are so much more, but some parts are easier to show.

Birthday Number

This Number is just the date you were born. It influences you natural gifts. It tells you want talents which benefits both you and the world.

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