New Beginnings and The Self

Are You Ready to Open New Doors? 

March is the first month of Spring. The days are getting longer and brighter, giving the energy of new beginnings and renewal. This month we are celebrating the self and new chapters. Feel the shift in the air and get inspired to turn a new leaf. You will feel challenges and obstacles are easier to overcome and your mood is not be as easily affected by negativity. You will naturally be motivated to try new things, make positive changes and get out of your comfort zone.

With this month’s theme in mind, we are highlighting The Numbers 1 and 8 from our Number Chart with the energy of self-empowerment, new beginnings and courage. The Number 1 one stands for just that. It is the Number for creating new possibilities and changes. When you have a Number 1 in your number chart you will feel its energy powers you to take charge, make changes and motivate yourself to move forward. 

The Number 8 is the number for balance, drive and confidence. This Number helps you to stay true to yourself and focus on self-care. It is a powerful number to have in your Number Chart because it helps you to appreciate harmony in your life while working towards goals and ambitions. These Numbers have different meanings depending on where they present themselves in your Number Chart and it will help you to know how they affect you this month.

This month be inspired to open new doors by carrying your number. Be reminded of their energies and what vibrations you express to the world.

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