Healing Stones

Healing crystals have unique attributes to help you heal both mentally and physically. Using the stones correctly they can give you great benefits in life. They work through vibrations and resonance by having unique combinations of materials. Crystals are especially effective detoxifiers and balancing hormones for the body. When choosing a healing stone you should always follow your intuition and those you naturally reach for. The body will naturally attract the vibrations and material it needs. 


Clear Quartz 

Green Onyx

Black Obsidian 

Rose Quartz


Which stone ARE YOU attractED to?

  • Amethyst

    Aquamarine is a powerful stone protecting your mental health against negative thoughts and energies. Its beautiful blue color comes from the ocean and with it washes away residual toxicity and keeps you  feeling cleansed. Aquamarine invites you to a moment of reflection and to discover its own truth.

  • Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is the purest of the Quartz family and considered the light bringer. It is a magnifying stone; it reflects and emphasizes the energy put into it. This quality brings clarity, concentration and balance. It is the most powerful healing and cleansing stone, just by holding it it doubles your biomagnetic field and protects against radiation. It cleanses and enhances the organs. Mentally it helps with concentration and unlocking memory.

  • Green Onyx

    Green Onyx is associated with the heart chakra. It carries an energy of physical healing by helping you to evolve and inspire growth. It strengthens the bond of friendships and promotes physical stamina and overall well-being. It will give a sense of grounding and relief even through difficult times. It gives you a confident boost and will help you stand up for yourself when confronted with anxiety.

  • Black Obsidian

    Back Obsidian is the most powerful stone to confront the darkness within. It has no limitations or boundaries and with its strong gravitational pull it draws out the deepest of insecurities. It gives you an opportunity to face your demons and work through them. Black Obsidian is protective by repelling off negative energy.

  • Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is the stone for the heart, love and gentle healing. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels. It brings unconditional love and infinite peace. It is calming, reassuring and perfect for healing trauma and crisis. It attracts love and gently removes negative energy by replacing it with loving vibrations.. Emotionally it is the strongest healer.

  • Citirine

    Citrine quartz is the crystal of joy, confidence and success. It promotes motivation, creativity and strengthening. Citrine will energize and recharge you, it helps with emotional balance by releasing negative traits, fears and phobias. It is also known to help balance chemical imbalances in the body, helping healing diseases.

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